Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd has chosen to mesh their social commitment into business vision. The Company has been working in Kashmir Valley on a wide range of CSR programmes for community development in areas. The Company believes that economic empowerment of individuals transforms them into powerful agents of the social change.
The objective of Khyber Agro Farms campaigns have been to inculcate the value of Hygiene leading to better life for children. To create humane catalysts for ushering a change to better life,
Availability of standard Hygienic Milk is an issue in many parts of the country including the Kashmir valley. The company decided to address this problem by launching a self sustaining long term project for milk procurement and processing of milk.


The aim of the project is to facilitate and sustain the availability of an affordable solution for the safe and quality milk to the low income group communities and to encourage behavioral changes at the community level in good hygienic practices.
The need for understanding and promoting local culture plays an important role in acceptance of a company by the people. Taking this forward, Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd. has been promoting activities to enrich and highlight the salience of communities in Kashmir Valley.The company actively employs locals from the region across different levels and aims to generate employment through various secondary & tertiary operations that was constructed with the assistance in village. It is independently managed and run by the company, thus making them self reliant and financially independent. Empowerment also means upgrading the skills of the farmers & local people for which a program to teach rural people the scientific way. This increases the Milk and procurement of Milk collection, which in turn contribute to highy hygienic quality milk, thereby improving the lives of the rural farmers.
The Company believes in standing by the people of the community where they do business because like business, care and development too, does not have any boundaries to work within. While Khyber Agro Farms Pvt.Ltd pursues leadership in its business spheres; it simultaneously endeavours to promote common welfare through multidimensional activities.

To increase the profitability of farmer, company directly procures milk from farmers instead of procuring from traditional middle man.

To provide fuel for cooking purposes and organic manure to rural households through family type Bio Gas Plants to mitigate drudgery of rural women, reduce pressure on forests and accentuate social benefits.

Extraction of Methane products by installing sophisticated Bio-Gas plants. Bio gas is a clean unpolluted and cheap source of energy in rural areas. It consists of 55-70% methane which is inflammable. Bio gas is produced from cattle dung in a bio gas plant commonly known as gobar gas.

The bi –product of bio-gas can be used for manufacturing of organic manure (Vermi compost).

ATM facilities will be provided at milk collection centres this will upgrade the living standard of rural people.